Earth Science and Modeling

The Earth is an interacting system of air, water, rock and life. The Earth Science and Modeling Core (ESM) of faculty and students studies landforms, water, vegetation, soils and climate at multiple spatial and temporal scales and investigates how human and natural processes shape those patterns.

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Human Systems and the Environment

Humans play an integral role shaping our landscape and environment. Our work in the Human Systems and the Environment Core seeks to understand how human systems evolve, influence and are influenced by this dynamic relationship.
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Environmental Archaeology

The past is a window into the future. The Environmental Archaeology Core integrates archaeology with geology, geography and ecology to study the long-term interactions between humans and the environment.

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Dr. Nagaoka and her team receive NSF funding to study the Mesa Verde Farmscape
The rise and fall of complex village societies among the Ancestral Pueblo of the Mesa Verde region in southwestern Colorado has intrigued...